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Paulowni Unique in vitro laboratory

Unique in vitro laboratory

We introduce a new product to the market – The Mobile In Vitro Laboratory

We are pleased to announce that we have developed an unique project of a mobile laboratory for micro-propagation of plants, which enters into production and constitutes our offer.  The laboratory has a modular design and is equipped with the latest equipment to ensure the highest standard of performance and efficiency in cloning of plants. The laboratory is designed to work under any climatic conditions and terrain, even in areas without access to full technical infrastructure.

All modules of the lab are provided with individual air-condition systems enable monitoring of temperature and conditions inside them, also they give the opportunity to work on the basis of local power and power generating energy own station, which is part of the lab.

Modularity is matched to individual customer needs and quick delivery. We execute projects on a "turnkey" basis and ensure their installation and commissioning on site within a few days of delivery. We also supply individual components laboratory, such as:

- Fitotrones - growth chambers and mobile incubation shelves

- Modules with laminar chambers for grafting plants

- Modules for sterilization and preparation of media

- Water quality treatment plants and control modules