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Paulowni Take advantage of the offer for seedlings

Take advantage of the offer for seedlings

We introduced a new, very interesting products. We offer seedlings of the cane Laskowa, Jatropha, Melina and Eucalyptus. All our plants grow at a record pace, with your profits.

 Cane Laskowka (Arundo donax)

It is the highest of the green herbaceous grasses growing in natural sites in Southeast Asia. Under the conditions of subtropical climate it grows up to 6-10 meters with about 5 cm thick stems. It grows many years and has a great ability to grow, thanks to which it can be planted in soil under many climate zones including a much colder regions among others throughout the all Poland round. 

The maximum performance of various kinds offered by us, which grow in optimal for development conditions, such as those prevailing in the tropics, can be determined at approx. 80 tons of biomass per one hectare.

Jatropha (Jatrofa curcas)

Jatropha is a small shrub that grows to 3-5 meters in height. Originally native to Central America and grows well in the tropics. It has many applications to use, including the production of biofuels, cosmetics and fertilizers.

Jatropha curcas  produces seeds that contain inedible vegetable oil used in the production of the second generation bio-fuels. Each  Jatropha seed contains between 35 to 37% of oil in relation to its weight. Performance of plantation in terms of the oil is amounting to 2-3 tons of oil per 1 ha.


- It is resistant to drought.

- It can be grown almost anywhere - even in sandy, saline or infertile soil.

- Adapts well to marginal soils with low nutrient content.

- Relatively easy to spread.

- It is not invasive or harmful.

- It is able to stabilize the dunes, acting as a windbreak and is suitable for combating desertification.

- In naturally repels insects and animals.

- Lives over 50 years producing seeds all the time.

- It is relatively resistant to cold.

- Does not exhaust the nutrients in the soil and has the ability to regenerate.

- Does not require an expensive crop rotation.

- Does not require fertilizer.

- Growing quickly and it is easy for farming.

- It has a high performance.  

- Waste oil extract can be used as a fertilizer or as a biomass energy.

MelinaGmelina Arborea

Melina, known as Gmelina Arborea in the family of Verbenaceae, is a fast growing species of tree, that offers a wide range of possibilities for its use. Ideal for reforestation not only for industrial applications because of its rapid growth, but also relatively easy to grow, and plantation management. 

Due to its versatility, physical and mechanical properties it is an excellent material for the construction industry, the furniture industry, the production of plywood and sawmill raw material. In its natural habitat Melina grows in habitats in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and the southern provinces of China.

Melina is growing very fast. The average height of 8-month-old tree is more than 2.5 meters. 2-year-old trees have an average of 6 meters and 8-year-old more than 25 meters of height.  At age of 12 years, it reaches an average height of over 30 meters.

Annual growth of volume is at approximately 50 m3 of hardwood plywood from 1 ha. Industrial exploitation begins in a few years after planting, creating a source of significant, stable income, and hence ensuring a very high return on investment.

Australian Eucalyptus 

Eucalyptus is adapted to the dry, desert conditions in Australia, but forest exploitation companies have discovered that eucalyptus cultivation in regions of warm and humid brings great results. These trees grow at a record pace, along with ensuring of a good gains. From Asia to Central America companies such as Shell are willing to "greener" its image, so that while doing business they had established eucalyptus plantations and achieved excellent economic results. 

These trees under subtropical climate conditions reach maturity operationally at the age of 5-8 years after planting. They are the source of many valuable raw material in the sawmill, the raw material for the mill, as well as sources of raw materials for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.