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Paulowni The extension of the cooperation agreement with Lepu Medical company

The extension of the cooperation agreement with Lepu Medical company

We would like to inform you that the agreement with Lepu Medical regarding cooperation in the field of medical products has been extended to a number of products related to the growing market demand, screening for COVID19, undertaking therapeutic measures, and distributing and storing the vaccine against COVID19 as well as testing for antibodies after vaccination against COVID19. We are expanding the scope of distribution with a group of products related to distribution and mass vaccination against Covid 19 coronavirus. These products are intended especially for the vaccine known as the Pfizer vaccine. This vaccine is developed with the participation of three companies: the American Pfizer, the German BioNTech and the Chinese Fosun Pharma. Lepu Medical, in close cooperation with Fosun Pharma, is to provide it with a refrigeration line for the storage and distribution of this vaccine (including ULT freezers with temperatures in the range of -86 degrees Celsius), and develops and supplies a specialist neutralizing antibody test to be performed after after taking the first dose of vaccine to determine whether a second maintenance dose can be given to give final immunity.

Pfizer president has announced that information on vaccine efficacy would be available in October this year. Once approved, the company is expected to produce over 1.3 billion doses worldwide by the end of 2021.

On November 18, Pfizer announced that the latest vaccine study completed was 95% effective.

The Polish government announced that it intends to purchase 18 million doses of the vaccine and is preparing to start distributing it from mid-January 2021.