Biomass Energy Project S.A.
Paulowni Research on the new species

Research on the new species

As part of our development programs, we conduct research on new species of plants. We also develop the technology of their multiplication and methods of vegetative propagation in vitro.

We are going to expand our product offerings. The works are concentrated in the following groups:

- Seedlings  for energy crops

- Fast-growing tree seedlings

- Oil plant seedlings on their use for the production of second generation bio- fuels

- Seedlings of tropical fruit plants

Increasing the range of our activities on areas with subtropical climate makes it necessary to adapt the offer to new climate conditions. We want to take full advantage of open opportunities ahead.

Temperatures between 25 and 35 degrees Celsius, rainfall 1200-1600 mm per year and the mineral-rich volcanic soil create the ideal conditions for the natural greenhouse. This enables us to maximize the growth potential of plants and achieve yields at a very high level.

The quality of planting material also plays  a huge role and allows you to achieve the perfect effect, creating a new, huge market for our products.