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Paulowni Plantation Deposits of Paulownia

Plantation Deposits of Paulownia

On the November 12th 2015, we signed an agreement with the National Union of Farmers, Land Groups and Agricultural Organizations. The aim of the cooperation is to promote and to distribute offer of sale of the PLANTATION DEPOSITS OF PAULOWNIA. With the new offering, the farms are invited to take part in an extremely cost-effective and high-quality cultivation project of fast-growing trees.

Below we present the message on the report of the EBI: 
"The Board of the Biomass Energy Project SA is pleased to inform, that on the 11.12.2015, the Company concluded with the National Association of Farmers Land Groups and Agricultural Organizations  (KZRKiOR)  and with “The Foundation of a Modern Polish Farmer ", a trade agreement focused on fast-growing trees – and namely Paulownia. As part of the agreement KZRKiOR pledges to introduce a distribution of the  sale program on the PLANTATION DEPOSITS of PAULOWNIA. The aim of the program is to sell products and services carried out in a special offer addressing farmers, members of the Union of Farmers, Land Groups and Agricultural Organizations and the organizations and social groups working for the Polish countryside and rural communities. The Plantation Deposits of PAULOWNIA, which is involving the cultivation of Paulownia trees is to complement the farming resulted products with an element of the extremely profitable cultivation of high-quality fast-growing trees. 

At present, within the the KZRKiOR structures, as much as  22.5 thousand of Land Groups of the farmers and 25.8 thousand of the  Housewives Association is developing activity and affiliating : 
• 1 106 thousand members of the Land Groups of  Farmers, including 857 thousand members of the Housewives Association, 
• 49 Regional and Provincial Land Groups of Farmers (KIOR), 
• 1703 Municipal compounds of the KIOR, 
• 997 Cooperatives of Farmers, 
• 3,000 folk ansambles. 

Legal basis: § 3 paragraph. 1 of Annex No. 3 to the Alternative Trading System "Current and Periodical Information in the alternative trading system on the NewConnect market. 

Company representatives:
Jerzy Drożniewski - Chairman of the Board, 

National Union of Farmers, Land Groups of Farmers and Agricultural Organisations (KZKiOR) is the largest voluntary, independent and self-governing socio- professional organization of farmers in Poland. Its aim is to contribute to improvement of the productivity of farms and to the promotion of the material and cultural standard of living in the countryside. KZKiOR association due to its status of the independence from government bodies and local governments and other organizations is characterized by a high degree of social trust.  
KZKiOR Association facilitates Polish farmers an access to high-quality products and services used every day in farms on preferential terms, thus contributing to further reduction of the  production costs and developing entrepreneurship.