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Paulowni New markets and development trends

New markets and development trends

We are pleased to announce that we have signed a number of letters of intent with companies from Indonesia and started operations in Asia. We will take part in projects related to the production of renewable energy and exploitation of  the agricultural  land in the area.

The energy demand

The project aims at commercial use of our company's many years of experience and developed expertise (know-how) and organizational and logistical expertise in seedlings production for energy crops on an industrial scale. The planting will take place  under the tropical climate conditions on the island of Seram (Maluku archipelago, Indonesia)  on the area of 25,000 hectares acquired as a part of a 30-year lease agreement acquired from the local authority and namely Regency of the West SERAM in Piru.

The subject of the project and task of the plantation operator's goal is to ensure a continuous supply of standardized agricultural biomass with a final target of approximately at 154 000 tones per year, for supplying the first (pilot) bio-power plant. It will be built by a special purpose vehicle (SPV) company Seram PT Energi Lestari (SEL) in Piru based on modern technology of low-temperature based carbonizing of agricultural biomass by FLUID® brand solution.

Location of the plantations in abandoned post-colonial Dutch plantation crops (Moluki-   islands of spices) is due to the efforts of the local administration to return to the fullest possible use of these areas for the purpose of both agricultural and industrial crops.

The relevant contracts and agreements relating to the terms of the land lease, construction permits and ensuring the collection of electricity and heat (cooling plant) with the installation of a bio-power plants were signed on the 17th August 2014 in Piru at the ceremony on the occasion of Independence Day of Indonesia. 

Local authorities supported our activities for two reasons. First of all - there is a high demand for installed capacity of electricity power. On a scale of Maluku region it is estimated at about 200 MW. Another reason is the desire to create favorable conditions for the export of agricultural and agro-food processing (cold storage) products and new jobs and the development of research and development both at academic and industrial deployments level.

Bio-power plant will supply to the national power grid network, operated by company PLN (Persero), the electric power installed at a size of N (el) = 6.0 MW (which provides 48 000 MWh per year). After the conversion of waste heat for cooling energy, the industrial power plant for cold storage of agricultural and agro-food products  will be processing approximately at 76 000 MWh of cooling energy per year.

The operator of the plantation and cold store warehouses, which is set up for this purpose, will be the company PT Lestari Tani Ecology (TEL), which is at the same time responsible both for ensuring a continuous supply of biomass feeding to the bio-power-plant,  and for receipt of cooling energy from the plant, which represents a significant technical and logistical challenges for any business organization.

Why us?

Contracting and choosing of our company for implementation of the project will ensure us with the task providing a continuous supply of not less than 5,000,000 seedlings annually for energy plantations, needed for standardized input of biomass for the bio-power plant, and was resulting from presentation by us of an attractive proposal of the industrial and diversified plant production workshop at the mobile laboratory conditions in the technology "in vitro". 

Diversification of production of the plants involves will be focusing on the production of seedlings to ensure the highest possibly performance under local conditions and namely: Miscanthus Giganteus, Jatropa Curcas, Australian Eucalyptus and Gmelina Arborea. As far as the total volume of cuttings is concerned, it will be the subject of industrial production optimization based on productivity performance criteria of the abstracted biomass and use of arable crops area of the plantation.

We have also signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) on cooperation of establishing , on the island of Seram in Indonesia, of the Laboratory of Industrial Plant Micro-propagation (in vitro) in purpose to produce seedlings of four plant species. The Letter of Intent was signed with the company PT Tani Energi Lestari. The transaction value associated with a signed LOI is approx. at USD 2.0 million. The cooperation is the result of a systematic increase of engagement of our company into foreign markets, including Indonesia. This project will be implemented by us as a part of a consortium of Polish companies rapidly increasing the scale cooperation with the countries of Southeast Asia, particularly with Indonesia