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Paulowni The next fast growing trees plantation

The next fast growing trees plantation

We are pleased to announce, that we have completed the first stage of the implementation of the agreement concluded on the March 10th , 2015, for planting the Paulownia trees, and subsequently we signed an agreement to establish the next plantation.

We separated and fenced the plantation plot  and we had executed the agronomic works. We had made the exchanging of the soil for the fertile one at the plantation plot for future seedlings, prepared the irrigation infrastructure along with building of the storage container and we planted trees on the whole plantation.


Budowanie zbiornika wody do nawadniania na terenie plantacji

Wiercenie otworów pod sadzonki FI=0,6 M, głębokość = 1 M

Przygotowywanie mieszanki torfu z obornikiem pod sadzonki

Wypełnianie otworów mieszanką


Proces sadzenia drzewek

Zasadzone drzewka Paulowni 
The next fast growing trees plantation