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Paulowni Project worth PLN 8 M kicks off.    Timber technology breakthrough.

Project worth PLN 8 M kicks off. Timber technology breakthrough.

As of 1 December 2020, under the subsidy agreement as part of the competition 1/1.1.1/2020 Fast track to NCBR, we started working on a project for the development of manufacturing technologies of timber construction materials that are made from small-sized postprocessing and waste wood (class S3 timber).

The project value amounts to PLN 8,029,369.75, with PLN 4,817,621.25 covered by the subsidy.

The baseline for the planned research is the invention of a device machine in which timber poles or offcuts are moving in a continuous manner, splintering in multiple planes. The plant material is disintegrated into strips of fibres making up a “mat” of any low thickness. After drying and covering with adhesive, the obtained material can be joined into properly moulded stacks or pressed into a beam or sheet of virtually unlimited dimensions. 

As a result of R&D, a manufacturing technology of structural sheets and beams with high technical parameters will be developed and a prototype production line in a semi-technical scale will be constructed. Thus manufactured structural sheets and beams will constitute a product innovation on a global scale because their technical and mechanical parameters definitely outperform the parameters of the current commercially available materials.

The project is supposed to result in the development of a manufacturing technology of innovative, next generation timber materials based on this type of raw material as well as waste timber offcuts. The patent for the machine for longitudinal timber disintegration belongs to Black Pearl S.A. and constitutes a basis for the research project. The research and works are supposed to lead to the development of a production line for a globally unique material – innovative, next generation, 100% environmentally friendly timber material. The obtained material will enable the manufacture of high-performance structural materials, such as load-bearing beams, structures and sheets with physicomechanical parameters surpassing those of other commercially available materials. Raw materials used for its production can also entirely come from waste material, recycled timber waste.

The project is a continuation of research works carried out for several years by the Company, as well as a continuation of the collaboration with Black Pearl S.A. and Zakłady Przerobu Drewna Poldan.

We are pleased to announce that this long-term process has been successful and ended with granted subsidy, signed agreement, and decision to launch the project. This allows us to continue the works that are supposed to lead us to a large-scale manufacture and higher revenues of the Company.