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Paulowni Deliveries of motorboats and racing boats to Italy – a contract with Nautica Gabbiano.

Deliveries of motorboats and racing boats to Italy – a contract with Nautica Gabbiano.

On 29/12/2020, we signed a trade agreement with Nautica Gabbiano Srl located in Pescara, Italy.

As part of this agreement, the Parties agree to start a trade cooperation in the maritime market, especially concerning water vehicles – motorboats and racing boats with combustion engines, hybrid engines (combustion engine + electric motor), and electric motors, as well as water scooters with electric motors, hybrid engines, and combustion engines. The agreement also involves the supply of necessary maritime equipment. The Supplier of maritime products will be Biomass Energy Project S.A., while the Recipient and authorised dealer – Nautica Gabbiano Srl.

Taking on the role of supplier, Biomass Energy Project S.A. is responsible for an uninterrupted supply of water vehicles and maritime equipment. Nautica Gabbiano Srl is responsible for direct (B2C) sale.

The expected turnover from sales in the maritime market is predicted to reach several million euros year-to-year.

As part of the first supply, Biomass Energy Project S.A will deliver motorboats and accessories for their manufacture worth approximately EUR 700,000.

Nautica Gabbiano Srl is a recognised entity in the Italian and European market of maritime products. It was founded in 1985 in Pescara. Within the past 15 years, Nautica Gabbiano has become a true giant in the sailing and motorboat market. At present, the company has 200 moorings with two operating offices. Nautica Gabbiano has tapped into the best national and international brands and sailing accessories.

Nautica Gabbiano sells and services boats, engines, skis, and water scooters in various configurations for sports, fishing, or recreation.

The company has a warehouse located on a river, south of Pescara, which can accommodate 200 boats with a length of 12 metres. The boats can be supplied with water and power.

Nautica Gabbiano represents the brands SEADOO, SELVA MARINE and SUZUKI for boats, scooters, and water skis.

It has also been certified by the ministry as an agency for the renewal of water equipment safety certificates and the issue of CE approvals, etc.

As part of its service facilities, Nautica Gabbiano provides authorised technical and mechanical support for engines manufactured by Seatek, Nanni Diesel, Selva, Torquedo, Suzuki, Tohatsu. It is also a qualified service and repair centre for all types of boats as well as eb/ebf engines with Mercruiser and Volvo Penta motors.