Biomass Energy Project S.A.
Paulowni What is important for us?

What is important for us?

Just as a small seed grows into a large tree, just the idea of ​​a large-scale projects arise. We are not afraid of challenges and our customers and the market are our biggest inspiration. We remain true to the values ​​that are the measure of our success.


We build lasting relationships with our Clients on a basis of clear and precise rules. We actively go out with the initiative, we share with you our knowledge, together with the Client we aim and create common success.

Honesty and partnership

We are building partnership relations in the Company. We treat each other with respect and kindness. We are always honest in relation to each other and in the external relations.


We measure and analyze the actions taken to achieve our objectives. In this way we use to build our knowledge base. 


We believe that creativity enables the creation of new solutions, and combined with the knowledge it increases effectiveness. So the idea is being considered by us as an essentialcomponent of any effective action.


We do recognize that our actions result in a success only if we achieve the intended purpose.


We are striving for optimal use of all resources available to us because we know that their deficit is a fact.

Innovation and development

We are constantly looking for innovative solutions. We are experimenting. We share our knowledge and motivate each other to develop ourselves. We are not afraid of justified risk. With each of our actions we draw conclusions, which make all our subsequent activities  even more effective.


We remember that the environment in which we live depends on us, hence our actions are being favorable to its protection.

Consistency in action

We believe that consistency is a prerequisite for excellence, thus we are constantly improving every aspect of our activity.