Biomass Energy Project S.A.
Paulowni What are our plans?

What are our plans?

We rely on the continuation of our operations at the domestic market and on the dynamic growth in foreign markets. The scale of the projects in which we participate, should multiply in the coming years our turnover and profits.

Energy and innovation

As part of the production of energy crops seedlings we are preparing ourselves to sign long-term contracts related to the establishment of the plantation production for entities that are large and will be the direct recipients of biomass for energy generation purposes.

Another area of our activity is cooperation with external entities in ensuring the supply of biomass for its innovative applications - eg. in the production of bio-char (where innovative use of biomass is also the subject of our research). We are also preparing to build our own biomass processing plant with a production capacity of 50,000 tons per year.

We have developed a unique product of mobile laboratories for micro-propagation of plants. It is an important step towards application of biotechnology for the production of plants and towards extending our product portfolio with more promising plant species. We plan to enrich our general offer with new devices that are the product of research and development conducted in collaboration with renowned research centers and companies with international experience.

Open to the world

As one of the first projects of key importance for our foreign expansion should be considered this one dedicated to operate for SEL on the island of Seram in Indonesia. 

As part of the above project we will deliver elements of the first lab workshop, and the next step will be to supervise  its launch. In this case, the initial value of the contract is approximately at $ 2 million. Within the project on the island of Seram we will also carry out activities aimed at involving the sale of seedlings and establishing plantations of energy crops which are the raw materials for the power generation facilities, thus producing renewable energy from biomass.

In Indonesia also we begin crops. These plantations will become an important element of the strategy of our actions. We will create a specialized plantations in several groups by type:

- Plantations associated with traditional crops, typical for the region - eg. corn, soybeans and sorghum.

- Oil species plantations

- Plantations of fast-growing trees (Gmelina arborea, eucalyptus, teak)

- Plantations of exotic fruits

- Spices and coffee plantations

We are convinced, that the scale of the projects in which we participate in the coming years will multiply our sales and profits, allowing us to build brand and trade mark recognition in the global biomass markets. In 2015, we intend to move to the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Talks are held on the dual listing. The most advanced arrangements relate to the possibility of listing the Company's shares on AIM in London.