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Paulowni Health Technologies and Innovations to Effectively Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Health Technologies and Innovations to Effectively Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The SARS-CoV-2 is a novel coronavirus which has not been found in human beings previously, and belongs to β genus.

The COVID-19 pandemic marks one of the greatest global challenges experienced this century. It has led to more than  57 million reported infections and caused more than 1,4 mln deaths world-wide.*) 

Despite attempts at lifting restrictions for lock-downs and seeking ways “back” to a “new normal”, we are far from a stable transition to a new normal life.This massive increase in demand for effective sterilization and disinfection technologies has mobilized the world to look for new and better solutions. The global market for styling equipment and disinfectants is growing rapidly. In 2019, it was worth USD 714 million, and it is estimated that by 2023 it will reach USD 1 billion.

New, better, safer . The entire spectrum of disinfectants is used in the fight against microbes and viruses. Apart from the most commonly used chemical ones, such as e.g. ethanol solution, sodium hypochlorite, acetic acid, formic aldehyde.

We propose our SEPTOVIR OXY line products for desinfection made with active Oxigene. Destruction of pathogens is carried out with the help of peroxide ions, hydroxyl ions and small and safe ozone molecules.

This technology is used by NASA to sterilize spaceship. That why we can say we propose cosmic technology to prevent your health. 

Not last but not least we offer some more modern products and solutions Oximeters, SARS CoV- 2 tests , BEP MED CENTER hospital modules , Neovirosept OXY , medical masks, medical air conditioners, medical refrigerators.


Wojciech Skarbonkiewicz - Head of R&D , Biomass Energy Project S.A. , November 2020.